Today is César Chavez Day!

Today is César Chavez Day!

César Chavez was a migrant farm worker from the age of 10 and co-founded the National Farm Workers Association in the 1960s. He spent his life fighting racial and economic discrimination against Chicano residents.

I am committed to honoring Chavez’s legacy by fighting the prejudice and hate that contributes to inequality in America. I will

  • Champion legislation that empowers marginalized groups, such as LGBTQIA+, Native Americans, and people of color.
  • Advance policies that allow students to attend school without fear
  • Increase funding for small business creation, youth centers and programs, and other development in disadvantaged communities
  • Strengthen voting rights and create fair voting districts.

I will also fight for worker’s rights, fair wages, pension benefits, and medical coverage. We must end racial and economic discrimination in America.


Team Joshi is concerned about the Opioid Crisis!

Team Joshi is concerned about the Opioid Crisis!

One in 20 Hoosiers use opioid for non-medical purposes and the overdose rate has risen 3.5% annually since 2011. The Indiana economy loses about $1.8 billion/year in productivity as a result of opioid abuse.

Americans take opioids for pain, depression, and other reasons. We can begin to address this crisis by

  • Decriminalizing marijuana and allowing people to grow cannabis for their own use. Marijuana has tremendous pain-relieving properties and is non-addictive, unlike opioids.
  • End discriminatory practices in drug enforcement. A black person is likely to be arrested for opioid addiction, whereas a white person is likely to go to rehab.
  • We must replicate successful intervention programs, such as LaPorte’s Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Program, where addicts can present themselves at police stations and will be taken for drug treatment rather than be arrested.
  • Rather than investing $80 billion on incarceration annually, we must open more rehab centers rather than more prisons.

The opioid crisis in America is a public health emergency and we must treat it as such. We must do more to support addiction recovery and families in crisis.

Today is the Spring Equinox!

Today is the Spring Equinox!

The March Equinox marks the crossing of the sun over the equator. Day and night are now the same length. As we move toward longer days and more sunshine, this is a time to celebrate new beginnings!

The 2018 election is an opportunity to reclaim Congress for the American people. We must…

  • End Citizen’s United and the corruption it allows in our government.
  • Overturn the deceptive Tax Cut and Jobs Act that benefits primarily large corporations and the extremely wealthy.
  • Hold Congress accountable for the legislation that is passed.
  • Energize all citizens to engage in our democracy through activism, running for office, and voting.


We can only make our communities stronger by electing representatives who will actually represent our interests in Washington. It is time to repeal and replace Jackie Walorski!

Petition Jackie Walorski to end gun violence.

Petition Jackie Walorski to end gun violence.

Letter to Congresswoman Jackie Walorski

Dear Congresswoman Walorski,

It is time for you to go to work and stop gun violence in our nation! Stop hiding from your constituents and support our efforts to protect women, children, families, communities, and all our public and private spaces from gun violence.

The impact of gun violence is appalling:

• Indiana ranks in the top 20 amongst states with the highest rates of gun violence.
• The U.S. firearm homicide rate is about 20 times the average among other developed countries.
• Over 1,000 children per year die as a result of gun-related violence in the U.S.
• According to the American Public Health Association, gun violence remains a leading cause of premature death in our nation as guns kill more than 38,000 people and cause over 80,000 injuries each year.

Our district deserves a representative who will truly represent the interests of Northern Indiana Hoosiers. I encourage you to enact legislation that does the following:

• Bans bump stock and the sale of all other devices designed to fully automate military style assault weapons.
• Bans the sale of assault weapons and handguns to anyone with a documented history of mental illness, domestic violence, or felony convictions.
• Prevents the spread of guns in our schools and our churches.
• Prohibits the NRA from using PAC donations to buy support of elected officials.
• Invests greater resources in caring for mental health, treating it like any other disease covered by health insurance, and removing the stigma of mental illness in America.
• Creates more opportunities in education and employment through job-training, apprenticeships, and after school programming that will help to reduce gun violence in our communities.

We must build strong, vibrant, and safe communities so as to ensure a prosperous future for our youth. I hope you will join me in this effort to stop gun violence.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

**your signature**

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It is almost St. Patrick’s Day!

It is almost St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and celebrated around the world, especially in US cities with large populations of Irish-Americans. Today is a day to celebrate the contribution of the Irish – and all immigrants – to American culture, prosperity, and vibrancy.

We are a nation of welcome with a history of immigration. I support

  • City ID cards, that not only give immigrants access to resources, such as utilities, but provide a sense of belonging in our communities.
  • Making driver’s licenses available, the licenses and fees from which will benefit state and local entities while also reducing the costs incurred as a result of uninsured motorists.
  • An end to inhumane deportations that separate families.
  • A Clean DREAM Act that provides a path to citizenship.
  • A visa system that is fair and without excessive waiting periods.

I value the social, cultural, and economic contributions of our immigrant neighbors. We must have compassionate immigration policy.