• Tie corporate tax cuts to employee wages and benefits

  • Hold Congress accountable for wise use of tax dollars

  • Implement REAL and PERMANENT tax cuts for all residents

Taxes are the hard-earned money of the American people, but everyone must pay their fair share. The recent GOP tax cut was passed on lies that it was for the middle class and small businesses. Now we know, the tax cuts are mainly for large corporations and extremely wealthy people. In Congress, I will propose to repeal and replace these tax cuts by introducing legislation for true and permanent tax cuts for average, hard-working Americans and small businesses. I will fight to improve the lives of everyday Hoosiers. I will encourage corporations to create well-paid, meaningful jobs by tying their tax cuts to employee wages and benefits, including paid annual leave and family-friendly policies. The higher the wages and the better the benefits, the higher the tax cut they will earn. I will also hold Congress accountable for wise use of our tax dollars. I have heard your stories. I know how much many of you are struggling, sometimes working three jobs and still barely getting by. We must implement substantive and permanent tax cuts to secure long-term benefits for Hoosier families.