• Support 2nd Amendment rights and responsibilities

  • Further reproductive justice


I support the rights and responsibilities of a “well-regulated militia necessary for the security of a free state” as outlined in the Second Amendment, but we must enforce existing laws and close dangerous loopholes. Gun shows and the lack of uniform interstate gun laws, for example, provide easy access to guns that can be used for criminal purposes. Similarly, we need to strengthen existing legislation that restricts sales to those with a history of mental illness or domestic violence. In addition, we must be open to implementing new common sense policies. Making bumpstocks illegal, for instance, will help prevent mass casualty events, such as in Las Vegas when more than 500 people were injured or killed. We must work together to preserve both our constitutional rights and public safety.

Government has an important role to play in the health and welfare of its citizens, but does not have the right to infringe on each person’s God-given rights to happiness and self-determination. Women and men have a right to birth control as part of an individual or family’s insurance coverage, just like any other prescribed medication. We must invest in community health centers, including prenatal and post-natal care. It is immoral that a great country like the United States does not provide at least six weeks of paid leave for both mothers and fathers. We must support families by improving access to high-quality, affordable childcare so that our future is well-nurtured while their parents are working to provide for them.

I am committed to supporting common sense and family-friendly policies. The strength of America lies with the real family values that ensure the security and vibrancy of our communities.