• Provide better wages and benefits for our committed teachers

  • Strengthen teachers’ unions

  • Invest in 21st-century education beginning with preschool

  • Support training in trades in high school so our students are prepared to contribute to our diverse economy

  • Provide free K-12 public school and public college without student debt

A well-educated citizenry is a boon for all Americans and leads to both a well-informed society and a stronger economy. Better education begins with our talented and committed teachers. I will fight to improve wages and benefits for educators in our district, state, and nation. I support the strengthening of teachers’ unions and will utilize their expertise in education reform initiatives. We will invest in 21st-century education beginning with excellent preschools in early childhood. I support an emphasis on trades in our public schools so that our students will be well-prepared to contribute to our District’s diverse economy. Finally, we will provide free K-12 public school and public college. Students will be able to prepare themselves for well-paying, meaningful employment without incurring student debt and long-term financial burden. An investment in education is an investment in America.

Tolson Center