• Eliminate privatization of prisons

  • Treat drug addiction as a public health issue rather than a crime

  • No longer prosecute children in the adult criminal justice system

  • End racially biased policing policies and mass incarceration


The criminal justice system is long overdue for reform. I will fight to defund and eliminate the privatization of prisons, so that profitability no longer affects justice. Drug dependency must be treated as a public health issue, rather than a legal infraction. Policies and practices that lead to the unjust incarceration of children and teens for minor crimes or school-related offenses must also be reformed. Children should not be prosecuted as adults. The current juvenile system subjects children to abuse and neglect without providing required medical health, mental health, educational or rehabilitative services. Likewise, a complete overhaul of racially biased policing policies is also critically necessary. Unjust practices, such as “stop and frisk” and racial profiling, must end. We will reduce the prison population by decriminalizing marijuana, which has disproportionate social and economic impacts on vulnerable communities. We must also fund felony expungements, so that individuals who have served their sentences and make restitution to their victims can be fully restored to their communities without the prejudice of their convictions. We must restore “justice” to our criminal justice system.