• Nationally improved Medicare for all

  • Guarantee dental, vision, mental health coverage

  • Make common sense adjustments to strengthen health care delivery and reduce medical spending


The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act was the best thing that has happened to health care in America. Having this legislation for the past several years we understand the advantages and disadvantages of this law. Let’s spend our time and energy making it better. We must pass a plan for Universal Health Care so that everyone in America will get the care they need. This will also reduce the financial burden on businesses and, thus, allow them to further invest in their workers. The federal government has tremendous power to negotiate on medical and drugs costs. Just like the auto industries, we must allow import of medications, such as from Canada, to create competition in a truly free-market society. We cannot allow pharmaceutical and insurance companies to price gouge average hard-working people. I am committed to passing an Nationally Improved Medicare for All which would include dental, vision, worker’s compensation and mental health as standard coverage.

I will support hard-working Hoosiers by seeking to ensure that all Americans, regardless of income, have access to medical services. Workers should not have to choose between higher wages and meaningful healthcare for themselves and their families. I will work with both parties in Congress to make healthcare a human right, not a privilege. We will increase efficiency and reduce medical spending while also improving health outcomes for Hoosiers.