Joshi Campaign Responds

Pat Hackett’s suggestion that Yatish Joshi is a pay-to-play politician is both factually incorrect and falls far short of the legal standard of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Joshi’s business practices and philanthropy clearly demonstrate a sustained engagement with and concern about our community. No one is better equipped than Yatish Joshi to serve the people of Indiana’s Second District in Congress.

Hackett stated in a recent interview (19 April 2018) that Yatish Joshi’s military contracts create an inherent conflict of interest, since Congress has both war powers and the power of the purse. As an attorney, Hackett should know that Mr. Joshi – and all members of Congress – are required by the Committee on Ethics to avoid “instances in which an official allows his personal economic interests to impair his independence of judgment in the conduct of his public duties.” This can include complete divestiture of one’s company or companies to assure no conflict of interest exists – which Mr. Joshi is fully prepared to do when elected. Unlike Trump, Joshi will not use his elected office for personal profit; he will vote against future military actions and make sure our tax dollars are not used to foment violence around the world. He has demonstrated his deep and ethical commitment to our community for more than 40 years.

Much has been made of Mr. Joshi’s contracts with the US Government, but Hackett’s team has told only part of the story. Joshi’s company, GTA Containers, manufactures collapsible tanks of his patented design that are used by farmers for fertilizer, salt brine on winter roads, clean drinking water in disaster areas, and by the US military to support our troops with fuel and other resources when they are deployed around the world. Joshi’s foreign policy is distinctly anti-war in its orientation. He emphasizes that we can secure our borders with sound foreign policy that helps stabilize rather than destabilize countries; supports functioning economies abroad rather than exploiting them for our gain; and cultivates peace in global communities instead of waging war. For the 2018 Budget, Trump has requested $679 billion dollars for military-related spending; that is 59 cents of every tax dollar. Joshi believes this is an abomination and that Congressional spending must be realigned to reflect Democratic values and Progressive ideals.

Mr. Joshi has been deeply committed to this area for more than four decades. He and his family have worked to better our region every single day. For example, they started Bike the Bend to bring family and friends together to ride bicycles side-by-side and explore our community; endowed the South Bend Youth Symphony so that low-income children can learn music for many years to come; renovated the Performance Hall at IUSB to be the best venue within 300 miles; and endowed full domestic and international scholarships to create opportunities for music students to advance their careers without financial concerns or limitations. They also support the Children’s Hospital in Akron, Ohio and endowed the Burn Unit at Spectrum Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan to provide annual training for nurses. They also sponsor the Symphony, Chamber Singers, and programming at WVPE. This is the community Joshi chose and he is committed to helping to make it the best.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Araquel Bloss, Campaign Manager at 574-318-6474 or email at

April 27 is GLSEN’s Day of Silence!

April 27 is GLSEN’s Day of Silence!

GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”) was founded in 1990 with a mission to create safe and affirming schools for all students regardless of the gender identity, gender expression, and/or sexual orientation. During their annual “Day of Silence,” participants take a vow of silence to highlight the silencing and erasure of LGBTQIA+ people at school. Team Joshi supports these students in their efforts to create a more just world for everyone.

As your Representative, I will fight against discrimination in all its forms. We must value and care for every member of our community. I will

  • Champion legislation that empowers marginalized groups, such as LGBTQIA+, Native Americans, and people of color
  • Advance policies that allow students to attend school without fear of prejudice
  • Promote initiatives to reduce suicides and drug addiction, which unduly affect minorities
  • Fight to increase funding to create small businesses, youth centers and programs, and other investments in disadvantaged communities

Diversity of background and experience is what makes America great. Together, America Works!

Whistle Stop Tour – 10 Counties, 10 Days

Whistle Stop Tour – 10 Counties, 10 Days

Marshall County

Join us for Day #1 of our Joshi for Congress Whistle Stop Tour in Marshall County! Want to spend the whole day with us? We will meet every morning at the South Bend HQ, 218 Sycamore at 8:30AM. Jump in our RV and go!
Thursday, April 26th
9:30-10 am WTCA Radio Interview
11 am-Noon Tour of local arts venue.
9:30 am-12 pm Team canvass
12-1 pm Lunch at Mila’s Mini Market – 213 E Jefferson St, Plymouth
1:15-1:45 pm Interview with Plymouth Pilot News
2-3 pm Visiting local restaurants and businesses/owners
1-3 pm More canvassing by Team
3-4:00 pm Meeting at Opie’s  – 114 N Michigan St, Plymouth
4-6 pm Canvassing in Plymouth
6:30 pm Meet the Candidates
Weidner School of Inquiry, Plymouth High School
Sponsored by Young Professional’s Network- Marshall County.
Plymouth High School, #1 Big Red Drive, Plymouth IN 46563

Fulton County

Join us for Day #2 of our Joshi for Congress Whistle Stop Tour in Fulton County!
Friday, April 27th
12-1 pm Lunch at Jarrety’s Place – 701 Main St, Rochester
4-6 pm Canvassing in Akron
6:15 pm Dinner at Dilley’s  – 117 W Rochester St, Akron

Pulaski County

Join us for Day #3 of our Joshi for Congress Whistle Stop Tour in Pulaski County!
Saturday, April 28th
8-9 am Breakfast at Kostas – 1406 US 36, Winamac
9-11 am Canvassing in Winamac
11 am-12 pm Reception hosted by Apple Blossom Honey Farm  – 101 E Main Street, Winamac
12:15-1:15 pm Lunch at Cruizers – 103 S Monticello, Winamac
3:15-4:15 pm Tea Time at Bill and Babes – 5658 S Main Street, Pulaski, Hosted by Nora Schambers
4:45-6:15 pm Late afternoon snack/ early dinner at Whistle Stop Restaurant and Monon Railroad Connection Museum – 10012 N US 421, Monon, Private dining room reserved.

Miami County

Join us for Day #4 of our Joshi for Congress Whistle Stop Tour in Miami County!
Sunday, April 29th
12-1 pm Lunch at McClure’s Orchard and Winery – 5054 US 31, Peru
1:30-3:30 pm Canvassing in Peru
4:30-5:30 pm Canvass in Converse
5:30-6:30 pm Dinner at Big Dipper  – 104 S. Jefferson Street, Converse

Kosciusko County

Join us for Day #5 of our Joshi for Congress Whistle Stop Tour in Kosciusko County!
Monday, April 30th
11 am-12 pm Canvassing in Mentone
12-1 pm Java Jack’s – 111 E Main St, Mentone
2:45-3:45 pm Canvassing in Milford
4-5 pm Canvassing in Syracuse
7-8:30 pm Meet the Candidates Forum

Wabash County

Join us for Day #6 of our Joshi for Congress Whistle Stop Tour in Wabash County!
Tuesday, May 1st
11:15 am-12:30 pm Canvassing in North Manchester
12:45-1:45 pm Madre’s Family Restaurant -410 West Main, North Manchester
2:15-4:15 Canvassing in Wabash
4:15-5:15 pm Modoc’s Market – 205 S Miami St, Wabash
5:30-8 pm Hosted by Chad Harris – meet local merchants in Wabash before canvassing in LaFountain

Starke County

Join us for Day #7 of our Joshi for Congress Whistle Stop Tour in Starke County!
Wednesday, May 2nd
11:15 am-12:30 pm Wooden Nickel Restaurant – 117 Main St, North Judson
4-6 pm Canvassing in Knox
6:15-7:15 pm Christo’s Family Restaurant – 1951 S Heaton St, Knox

La Porte County

Join us for Day #8 of our Joshi for Congress Whistle Stop Tour in La Porte County!
Thursday, May 3rd
10 am-1 pm Canvassing in La  Porte
2-4 pm Canvassing in La Porte
5-6 pm Canvassing in Rolling Prairie

Elkhart County

Join us for Day #9 of our Joshi for Congress Whistle Stop Tour in Elkhart County!
Friday, May 4th
10 am-12 pm Team Canvassing in Goshen
8:00-8:15 am La RAZA  – Interview with Yatish and Latina leaders of Elkhart county – 930 E Lincoln, Goshen
8:30-9:45 am Olympia Candy Kitchen Promote  – 136 N Main Street, Goshen
12 – 1 pm Legendary Grind
1-2 pm Team Canvassing in Middlebury
2:30-3:30 pm Team Canvassing in Bristol
4:15-6 pm Team Canvassing in Elkhart
6:30-6:55 pm Shake hands with attendees at Taste of Goshen
7-10 pm Ignition Music Garage Promote –120 E Washington Street, Goshen

St. Joseph County

Join us for Day #10 of our Joshi for Congress Whistle Stop Tour in St. Joseph County!
Saturday, May 5th

12:30-1:30 pm Stop into the Farmer’s Market – 1105 Northside Blvd, South Bend
2:00-3:30 pm Cinco de Mayo Downtown
4-5 pm Fiesta Tapatia – 119 W McKinley Ave, Mishawaka
5-8:30 pm Canvass South Bend & Mishawaka
After canvassing, stop by the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! At Hacienda Erskine Village – 4650 Miami St, South Bend