Pledge for the U.S. Term Limits Amendment

Pledge for the U.S. Term Limits Amendment

I pledge that I will cosponsor and vote for the U.S. Term Limits Amendments of three (3) House terms and two (2) Senate terms and no longer limit.

“I support amending the United States Constitution to 1) secure fair, free elections by limiting the undue influence of money in politics; 2) protect the rights of all Americans to equal participation and representation, rather than overrepresentation of donors and special interests; and 3) protect the unalienable liberty of people rather than new privileges for the largest corporations, unions, and special interests; and

I pledge to use my office to advance such a 28th Amendment in the ways and means available to me as a public official, including, but not limited to: sponsoring or cosponsoring bills, resolutions, or other legislation advancing proposal or ratification of such a 28th Amendment; voting in favor of such bills and resolutions in committee, subcommittee, floor or other votes; working to build cross-partisan support; and publicly advocating for the necessity of such a 28th Amendment.”

My vision and policies for the Second District

My vision and policies for the Second District

My vision and policies for the Second District are very clear and people-centered. I believe that “Together America Works!!!”

I am an innovator, job creator, and successful business owner. My company GTA Containers manufactures collapsible tanks that are used for fertilizer, salt brine on winter roads, clean drinking water in disaster areas, and by the US military to support our troops with fuel and water.

We must move beyond partisan politics. Those who disagree with us or belong to a different political party are not our enemies. They are our family, neighbors, and friends. Vilifying those with whom we disagree makes collaboration impossible.

As candidates, we are all held to the same ethical standards established by the FEC. I am 100% in compliance with these regulations and fully prepared to divest myself of my companies when elected, as required by law, to guarantee no conflict of interest.

From the beginning, my campaign has been focused on issues and firmly grounded in concrete policies.
I was the first candidate to advocate for Medicare for All – to assure excellent care for our seniors, our veterans, our children, and ALL Hoosiers.

I am the only candidate who is fighting for:
1. raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, so that American workers can earn a living wage;
2. tying corporate tax cuts to employee wages and benefits — the higher the wages and the better the family-friendly benefits, the higher the tax cut they will earn;
3. decriminalizing marijuana and ending the failed war on drugs, including closing all for-profit prisons;
4. providing a path to citizenship for Dreamers AND their families, while also abolishing ICE, which has become a militarized force for implementing racist immigration policy;
5. We must get big money and its corrupting power out of American politics. We must restore our democracy to one that is truly OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people.
6. Keep net-neutrality
7. forgiving student loan debt without tax implications and end the government profiting of $1.6 billion a year off of students seeking to improve their lives through education.

We must
– strengthen Social Security by removing the cap on taxable income to increase funding and end earning limits so retirees can supplement their income if they want to;
– end school vouchers that are siphoning resources from our public schools and recommit ourselves to investing in education – from pre-K through college or trade school;
– support the 2nd Amendment, but permanently ban military-grade assault rifles that have no place in civilian society; including bump stops and enhancer.
– am uniquely proposing that gun owners have to buy liability insurance, just like car insurance to lower the burden on tax payers for the cost of gun violence. Currently, approximate annual cost is $229 billion dollars and we the tax payer pays 87% of it.
– make tax cuts permanent for low and middle-class Americans and small businesses;
– end fossil fuel subsidies and use those resources to invest in green energy to protect our environment;
-strengthen voting rights so that every vote counts as our Founders intended.

We can create a more just and inclusive world by working together to assure that every member of our community is valued and served.
I want to make the 2nd District the best for everyone by being your listening ear, fight for issues that matter to us most, and work across the aisle to collaborate and find solutions that benefit the Second District and our Nation.

We must repeal and replace Jackie Walorski! Together America Works!!!
I am asking for your vote on May 8th.

April 17 is Tax Day!

April 17 is Tax Day!

Taxes are the hard-earned money of the American people, but everyone must pay their fair share. The recent GOP tax cut was passed on lies that it was for the middle class and small businesses. Now we know, the tax cuts are mainly for large corporations and extremely wealthy people. In Congress, I will

  • Propose to repeal and replace these tax cuts by introducing legislation for true and permanent tax cuts for average, hard-working Americans and small businesses
  • Fight to improve the lives of everyday Hoosiers
  • Encourage corporations to create well-paid, meaningful jobs by tying their tax cuts to employee wages and benefits, including paid annual leave and family-friendly policies. The higher the wages and the better the benefits, the higher the tax cut they will earn.
  • Hold Congress accountable for wise use of our tax dollars

I have heard your stories. I know how much many of you are struggling, sometimes working three jobs and still barely getting by. We must implement substantive and permanent tax cuts to secure long-term benefits for Hoosier families – and I will fight for you in Washington.

April 10 is Equal Pay Day!

April 10 is Equal Pay Day!

This date represents how far into 2018 a White woman must work to make as much as a White man did in 2017. The wage disparity is even worse for Black women who earn 65 cents and Hispanic women who earn 58 cents for every dollar earned by a White man. Not only do women get paid less, they also pay more for everything else – sales tax on hygiene supplies as well as inflated prices for deodorant, razors, and other personal grooming supplies. Women face inequality in health care as well.

We must fight to preserve Planned Parenthood, which provides comprehensive services for women’s health, such as annual exams, screening for sexually-transmitted diseases, holistic health education, and many other critical needs. It is immoral for the government to cut funding for such important care. We must provide better services for women’s health – as well as that of men. We need

  • Fair and equitable wages for all women
  • More family-friendly paid leave that not only allows parents to bond with a new baby, but give mother time to properly heal and recover after childbirth
  • More resources for health education – such as the unique symptoms of heart attack in women or information and support on breastfeeding
  • To provide preventative care that is also convenient, such as mobile mammogram and health care units

We must care for women – our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends, and neighbors – who are the heartbeat of our communities. I will fight to assure that women have access to everything they need to thrive.

Team Joshi supports our Veterans!

Team Joshi supports our Veterans!

At present, only 40% of our nation’s veterans are eligible for medical services through the Veteran’s Administration (VA). This is morally-reprehensible as it is our undeniable responsibility to look after our veterans.

We must

  • Make all veterans and their families eligible for Medicaid
  • Strengthen mental health care, including treatment and support for individuals experiencing the effects of PTSD and their families
  • Improve transportation to medical services
  • Alleviate as best we can the disadvantages that our veterans experience because of their honorable service to our country.

Jackie Walorski claims to be a friend to Veterans, but has voted dozens of times to take away their health care. I will fight to protect our Veterans as your Representative in Washington. Use the power of your vote to repeal and replace Jackie Walorski!