• Treat drug addiction as a public health issue rather than a crime

  • Ensure full addiction treatment and recovery programs covered under Nationally Expanded Medicare for All

  • Fund local resources for outreach and support for recovering addicts and at-risk youth and persons.


The opioid epidemic is just one example of the increasing health crises with addiction. One in 20 Hoosiers use opioid for non-medical purposes and the overdose rate has risen 3.5% annually since 2011. The Indiana economy loses about $1.8 billion/year in productivity as a result of opioid abuse.

Americans take opioids for pain, depression, and other reasons. We can begin to address this crisis by making rehabilitation services available and destigmatize addiction by treating it like an illness, and not a crime. We invest $80 million dollars annually on incarceration when universally covered mental health services and addiction treatments could better serve our communities and families.

Many Hoosiers are suffering from addiction, from meth to heroin to opioids. These addictions need to be treated like a public health emergency and we must treat it as such. We must do more to support addiction recovery and families in crisis.